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Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Job Grant

The program is targeted to private sector and non-profit employers. This program will provide a financial contribution to employers for employer-sponsored training for existing and new employees. Training costs will be shared between the employer and government. The goal of the program is to increase labour force participation and to help develop the skills necessary to find and keep meaningful and long term employment and to encourage employer involvement in training to ensure that skills are aligned to job opportunities.

Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador Job Grant Fact Sheet PDF (129 KB)

Who can Apply?

  • Private and Not-for-Profit sector employers, Employer Organizations, Industry Associations, Employer Consortia, Union Halls, and Aboriginal Governments / Organizations
  • If incorporated be in good standing with registry of Companies and Deeds Online (CADO)
  • Have a Canada Revenue Agency business number
  • Have an office location / base in Newfoundland and Labrador

For additional eligibility requirements can be reviewed in the Eligibility and Requirements for Canada - NL Job Grant Program PDF (743 KB)

How Do I Apply?
Interested employers must complete and submit an application to the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. Employer applications must be received 30 calendar days prior to the commencement of training.

Employers must register in the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour' LaMPSS payment system to apply on-line. Once registration is complete, a password and user ID will be provided. To register, please follow procedures outlined at Register on LaMPSS system.

Once registered on the LaMPSS system, employers may apply directly on-line and/or update information using its self-serve function and the provided user password and ID. To apply on-line using the self-serve component of LaMPSS, please link to the following website which contains LaMPSS User Guidelines, System Requirements and the Login LaMPSS Employer Self-Serve.

For additional details on how to submit an application online for Canada – NL Job Grant, please review Applying in LaMPSS for Canada –NL Job Grant PDF (580 KB).

The application contains a section called Project/Training Budget. In order to help determine both the government and the employer contribution to a Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Job Grant Contribution Tool has been developed and is accessible to employers to help calculate contribution amounts as part of the application process for this program. To access the Contribution Tool, click here (52 KB).

Reporting Requirements

Important Information Requirements for Employers and Employees: As part of the administration of the Canada-NL Job Grant, employers must submit an Initial Client Contact Form PDF (118 KB) for all employees trained with funding provided by this program. Employers must also submit a Client Consent Form PDF (157 KB) which outlines the client consent for exchange and release of information between the employee, the employer and the provincial and federal governments.

Submission of these forms is mandatory; this information is required as part of the terms of agreement under the Canada-NL Job Fund. These documents must be submitted before any disbursement of funds under this program. Funding will not be provided for the training of individuals without submission of these forms.

Employers are required to submit activity and financial reports as part of their agreement. For additional details on how to submit an activity and financial reports online, please review Submitting Activity and Financial Reports for Canada –NL Job Grant PDF (452 KB)

Contact Information

Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Office Locations

General enquiries: 1-800-563-6600

Funding provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada Job Fund

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