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Labour Relations FAQ

How do I make a request for assistance under the Preventive Mediation Program (PMP)?

Requests can be made individually by either party; the union or the employer; or the parties can decide to submit a joint request. Request forms are available from the Labour Relations Division or on-line. Preventive Mediation is a voluntary program. Both parties must agree to participate prior to proceeding with the program.

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Is there a cost associated with the Preventive Mediation Program?

There is no direct cost attached to most of the components of the program at this time.

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How is the Interest Based Negotiations (IBN) process different than the traditional collective bargaining process?

IBN represents a shift from the traditional collective bargaining process which is usually adversarial in nature. In IBN the parties discuss interests rather than state positions on issues. The discussion leads to a rational problem solving approach, which benefits both parties.

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If a request is made for the appointment of an arbitrator, how is the arbitrator chosen?

Arbitrators are chosen on a rotating basis from the current roster established by the Labour Management Cooperation Committee.

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