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Support Trusts and Registered Disability Savings Plans

Families can plan for the needs of other family members with disabilities by establishing a Support Trust. The Department does not provide this service; but exempts this trust from the assessment process for income support benefits. Ideally the services of a lawyer are recommended to establish a Support Trust.

When a person (over 18 years of age) with a disability requiring assistance with daily living needs, applies for Income Support, a Support Trust may be disclosed. A Support Trust, up to a maximum of $100,000, or a Registered Disability Savings Plan, is exempt from the assessment process for Income Support benefits. In order to continue to be considered as exempt, a minimum of two per cent of the capital plus the annual interest must be spent every year to purchase items or services for the recipient.

These investments will not affect the eligibility for income support or for financial support from the Department of Health and Community Services.

Further information on how trusts and savings are assessed is available by calling 1-877-729-7888, 1-888-632-4555, 1-866-417-4753, or 1-866-449-3144.

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