Advanced Education, Skills and Labour

How to Apply

By completing the full-time application and submitting all required forms and documentation, you will be assessed for federal and provincial financial assistance.

Note: Paper applications are only available by contacting the Student Financial Services Division.

An application can only be processed if:

  • it is fully completed
  • it is received by the deadline date
  • all required forms are signed and submitted
  • all requested information has been submitted
  • your previous loans are in good standing

Assistance in Completing your Application

Before you start the application, you should:

  • Review:
    • Application Guide - for detailed information on the Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador Integrated Student Financial Assistance Program
      • 2016-2017 PDF (4.1 MB) (if your program starts after July 31, 2016)
    • Application Checklist PDF (644 KB) to determine what forms and documentation you require
    • Instructions for Completing the Application PDF (255 KB) to address specific questions on the application
  • Collect the following information:
    • Your Social Insurance Number
    • Your income (and parental or spousal income, if applicable) from line 150 of the previous year's Income Tax Notice of Assessment
    • Parents' dates of birth, Social Insurance Numbers and postal codes (for dependant students only)
    • Your employment/education history for the past five years or since leaving high school

Online Application

Sign in to the online application.

Sign in to the online application.

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