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Health Related Services

The following health related services and benefits are available to those in receipt of Income Support. If you are not in receipt of Income Support you may still be eligible for some of these services; however an Application for Income Support must be completed and assessed.

Vision Care

Eye Exam

The Department will contribute $55 towards the cost of a routine eye exam once every 12 months for children and once every 36 months for adults.

Eye Glasses

A contribution towards the cost of glasses will be provided once every 36 months for adults and once every 12 months for children unless there is medical verification for a more frequent change. The maximum amount that the Department will pay is:

  • $125.00 for single vision lens
  • $175.00 for bi-focal

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Prescription Drug Program

The Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (NLPDP) Card is provided to you and your family while receiving Income Support. It covers the total cost of eligible prescription medications, including dispensing fees. If you have private health insurance this card can also cover the percentage that your private insurance may not. Should you leave the Income Support caseload due to employment, a drug card can be issued for an extended 12 month period.

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Medical Transportation

Depending on the medical need, frequency and distance to appointments medical transportation may be provided. Payments would normally be made based on the most economical means of travel and to the nearest doctor or hospital.

Upon verification that medical treatment is not available within NL, coverage for travel outside the province may be provided.

If you have to travel by ambulance; you only need to produce your valid Ambulance/Dental Services card (which you receive with your Income Support cheque) to the ambulance attendant.

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

This Department determines eligibility for artificial limbs and other medical equipment and supplies provided through the Department of Health and Community Services (HCS). Supplies include such items as glucose monitoring aids, bath aid equipment and wheelchairs. Further information on these services can be obtained by contacting the toll free number for your region.

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Dental Services

The Provincial Dental Health Plan is administered by the Newfoundland Medical Care Commission (MCP) which has two programs under HCS:

  • Children's Dental Health Program: this universal program provides services for all children up to and including 12 years of age, and for children 13 to 17 years old whose families are in receipt of Income Support benefits or the Access Plan. Eligible coverage includes fillings, extractions and examinations every two years.
  • Adult Dental Health Program: Adults in receipt of Income Support benefits are eligible for an initial exam, two diagnostic x-rays, routine fillings and extractions once every three years. ‘Standard Dentures' are also available once every eight years. For further information, please visit Department of Health and Community Services.

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Technical Assistance Devices

If you are deaf or hard of hearing we can provide you with a one time only purchase for any of the following services:

  • Visual Smoke Detector up to $250.00 including HST
  • Alertmaster telephone/doorbell combination system up to $155.00 including HST
  • TTY device up to $422.00 including HST

Monthly cost and maintenance associated with these devices is not covered. Verification of your medical condition is required and can be provided by a physician, audiologist, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association or other approved professional.

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Special Diet Allowance

Financial assistance may be provided to purchase certain foods due to a particular medical condition, such as diabetes. Depending on the condition, you may be eligible for up to $60 a month. To qualify for the special diet allowance you must provide documentation about your condition.

For more information on these services please contact the toll free # for your region.

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