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About the Department

The Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour has a mandate to ensure the province has highly educated graduates and skilled workers for a fast-growing economy. This includes creating a climate which is conducive to economic growth, competitiveness and prosperity. This will be achieved through a spectrum of programs, services, and supports as outlined below:

  • Helping employers with accessing and keeping skilled workers.
  • Supporting the delivery of post-secondary education though Memorial University of Newfoundland, College of the North Atlantic, and private training institutions.
  • Protecting basic labour rights.
  • Administering the student financial assistance program.
  • Establishing and monitoring program content and providing support for apprenticeships and trade certifications.
  • Offering career development and planning services.
  • Providing employment and training supports, as well as information about the labour market.
  • Providing assistance in resolving workplace issues and arriving at collective agreements.
  • Creating partnerships to promote the revision and relevance of the employment relations regulatory framework.
  • Delivering income support and other financial supports.
  • Assisting people and communities during disasters.
  • Increasing the recruitment and retention of immigrants.
  • Promoting multiculturalism.
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