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Out of Province Apprenticeship Policy

This policy is an agreement between the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) and Alberta that permits apprentices from NL to accumulate work experience in Alberta.

You may apply for apprenticeship in NL under this policy if you:

  • Successfully completed all entry-level courses at a NL post-secondary educational agency in the relevant occupation
  • File income tax returns in NL
  • Maintain permanent residency in NL

Please read the following Acceptance of Conditions before progressing to the application package.

Acceptance of Conditions for Apprenticeship Credits While Employed in another Canadian Jurisdiction

  1. Individual must have and maintain permanent residence in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL).
  2. Applicant must have completed all entry-level courses in the relevant occupation at a post-secondary educational agency in NL.
  3. Applicant will submit:
    • the Acceptance of Conditions document with applicable signatures
    • a completed Out-of-Province Application for Apprenticeship if this is the initial registration
    • a completed Letter of Understanding (LOU) with all requested signatures
    • applicable academic transcripts; all apprentices under a LOU agreement must have a minimum of entry-level courses completed in their specified trade
  4. All documents are to be forwarded to the Apprenticeship Program Officer (PDO) at the Industrial Training office nearest the applicant’s NL address (see addresses below).
  5. The PDO will confirm that the employer has valid status as a supporter of apprenticeship with the Apprenticeship Branch in the jurisdiction of employment.
  6. On positive response, the Application will be sent to the Director for signature in order to register the apprentice on the behalf of the NL Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board (PACB).
  7. The apprentice will be registered, sent a letter of registration and/or copy of LOU, and a Record of Occupational Progress (Logbook).
  8. A copy of the LOU will be forwarded to the employer.
  9. When the apprentice returns to NL and wishes to update his/her status as per the information recorded in the logbook, an *affidavit which affirms that the reflected time and skill sign off is authentic must be included (*the affidavit is available at the Industrial Training office). This affidavit must be witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths, Justice of the Peace or Notary Public who is registered in the Province of NL only. Only the original affidavit is acceptable. No faxed or photocopies will be accepted. When the PDO is satisfied that all documents meet the requirements, the apprentice will be awarded credit for employment hours.
  10. Arrangements for required in-school training will be made only after the credit has been entered on the Industrial Training Section apprenticeship database.
  11. All apprentices who return to work in their registered occupation in NL MUST have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed and will then follow regular guidelines as stated in the Conditions Governing Apprenticeship Training.

Application Package

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