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Eligibility to Complete Certification Examination

What is required to write the journeyperson certification examination as an apprentice?

  • To be eligible to write a journey person examination, a registered apprentice MUST have achieved the following:
    • Successful completion of ALL courses in his/her chosen trade program;
    • Completion of ALL workplace skills and verification/signature by a certified journey person; and
    • Accumulation of ALL the time/hours required for the trade and verified by an employer(s).
  • Once the above criteria have been achieved, the registered apprentice MUST contact the nearest Industrial Training office and request to attempt the certification examination.
  • The registered apprentice must complete the Statement of Eligibility to Write Certification Examination found in the logbook (Record of Occupational Progress) and submit it along with the logbook to the Apprenticeship Program Officer for verification.
  • Upon approval, the Apprenticeship Program Officer will notify the apprentice of eligibility to challenge the certification examination. The examination will be scheduled and he/she will be informed of the date, time and location for writing the examination. Some trades require a practical examination to be completed in advance of the theoretical examination. All fees must be paid in advance of writing any certification examination.
  • Individuals wishing to complete the certification examination(s) may be required to provide a picture identification card as proof of identity.
  • After the individual has written the examination(s), the results will be communicated to him/her by the examination coordinator.

For further information on Certification Examinations, please refer to Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board Policy 5 PDF, or contact the nearest Industrial Training office.

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